• Petrochemical, Chemical, Marine, Automotive, Mining and Food Industries
  • Cogeneration Plants, Sanitary Landfills, Power Plants;
  • Other applications through enquiry.

In all its fields of operation, Energy Efficiency it’s always present. The The optimization of the facilities in order to improve their performance and cost savings for their clients is the primary goal in the entire scope of activity of the company and therefore well instilled in its employees. NBS evaluates, prepares the optimization study and implements the proposed solutions, namely:

  • Installation of adjustable speed drives:
  • Installation of control instrumentation;
  • Replacement of traditional aeration systems for solutions with better performance;
  • Replacement of electric pumps;
  • Replacement of electric control panels;
  • All equipment that might improve the energy efficiency of the system.

Composed of a multidisciplinary team, the company provide to its customers the study of electrical, mechanical and hydraulic engineering, being able to perform a follow-up during the execution stage.

Having in its board technicians with a large experience in construction management, NBS provides support to its customers in contract rebudgeting, selection of new and better solutions compatible with the application in study, equipment selection, and in the quest of subcontractors of the several specialties, as well as in the construction work follow-up until its definitive reception.

Bearing in mind the solution required by its customers, studies the process, executes the design and assembles electrical cabinets, switchboards, and programs PLC’s, tactile consoles and supervision systems. Customers can also have the service of installation and implementation of those solutions.

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